Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies adds Electronic Prescription to its KinesiaU™ motor assessment system

05 July 2022: Independence, OH – Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies (GLNT) announced today that it has released a new version of its KinesiaU™ motor assessment system to allow physicians to electronically prescribe full use of the app via the KinesiaU Provider Portal. The KinesiaU motor assessment system [ ] enables patients with Parkinson’s disease to track their tremor, slowness, and dyskinesia in response to therapy using their smartwatch and smartphone. Earlier this year, GLNT introduced passive continuous monitoring using the Apple Watch []

According to GLNT President and COO, Dustin Heldman, Ph.D., “We are thrilled to add electronic prescriptions to the KinesiaU system. Patients will still view their symptoms in user-friendly reports on their smartphones, and clinicians will still access patient reports in real-time through the KinesiaU provider portal to help with remote therapy adjustments. But now initial enrollment will be streamlined so patients will no longer have to wait for their prescription to be manually processed to begin using the system.”

Based on GLNT’s 15 years of development and validation of its patented and FDA-cleared Kinesia™ technology, KinesiaU is the only validated system for real-time remote patient monitoring of Parkinson’s disease. The KinesiaU motor assessment system is currently available in the US by prescription. Please contact GLNT at for more information on electronic prescription of KinesiaU.

About Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies [ ] is committed to pioneering innovative biomed technologies to serve research, education, and medical communities, improving access to medical technology for diverse populations, and positively impacting quality of life for people around the world.

About Kinesia™ Technology

GLNT commercialized Kinesia™ technology to provide wearable, objective and automated assessment of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease (PD) and essential tremor (ET). The clinically validated technology has been adopted as the gold-standard for objective sensor measurement for movement disorders by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The technology is protected by US and international patents listed at

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