10 x 6 x 2 cm 4 oz

Wireless Connection Bluetooth Classic / Low Energy
Maximum streaming data rate 190 kbps
Transmission Range 30 meters

Differential or Single-ended channels 4 or 8
Input range 1 µV – 2V
Sampling rate 250-16,000 Hz
Sampling resolution 12, 16, 24 bit
Common Mode Rejection -100 dB
Input Impedance 500 MΩ
Galvanic Skin Response .1-24,000 µS

On-Board Memory
Capacity 8 GB
Recording Time 8 hours

Rechargeable Battery
Recharge Port microUSB
Battery Life 8 hours
Battery Recharge Time 3-4 hours

Motion Sensor
Sampling Rate 250 Hz
Bit Resolution 16 bit
Accelerometer Range ± 8 g
Gyroscope Range ± 2000 °/sec

External Inputs
Push-Button Event Marker Grasp Force Sensor
Force Plate

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The BioRadio is intended for use in education and research applications only. The BioRadio has not yet been reviewed, certified, or approved by the FDA or similar organization for use with patients or clinical purposes. In no case should the BioRadio be used for any diagnosis, treatment or other medical decision-making purposes. All use of the BioRadio must be in compliance with 45 CFR 46 and appropriate human subjects’ procedures as they exist within your institution.