Our line of bioinstrumentation products includes physiological monitors and patient-centered diagnostic and therapy systems integrated with wireless, remote, and web-based applications. By working together with our customers, Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies ensures the delivery of high quality products that fit our customers’ clinical and research requirements. Our activities include R&D, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and the export of research systems and medical devices. Our major markets include physiological monitoring for research and education, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, telemedicine and in-home health monitoring. Our customers include physicians, medical technicians, healthcare practitioners, researchers, universities and hospitals.

GLNT Mission and Team

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies Inc. is committed to pioneering innovative biomedical technologies to serve research, education, and medical communities, improving access to medical technology for diverse populations, and positively impacting quality of life for people around the world.

The Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies management team consists of highly-credentialed professionals with a broad range of education and experience. Our Biomedical Research Team includes PhDs from some of the nation’s leading educational institutions. The depth and breadth of the team’s knowledge has helped to establish GLNT as a leader in delivering innovative biomedical technologies.



Kinesia: Parkinsons Assessment

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies understands that movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, represent a complex problem for patients, physicians, and researchers. Whether you’re a patient with uncontrolled tremor, a physician trying to optimize patient ON times, or a researcher investigating the latest therapies, we can help by providing you with clinical, home, and web-based assessment systems to better track how symptoms change in response to treatment.

BioRadio: Wireless Data Acquisition

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies’ wireless data acquisiton systems address the need for hassle-free, reliable instrumentation for research and laboratory education. Our BioRadio provides a compact, user-worn, and wireless solution to capture various signals. The BioRadio can be utilized for general purpose research when combined with our BioCapture software packages for display, processing, and analysis. Lab Course, which also uses the BioRadio, provides student laboratory education for both physiology and engineering. Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies is committed to providing high quality and innovative equipment to fulfill your laboratory data acquisition needs.

Quality Policy

Our dedicated team of colleagues, combined with facility policies and procedures, as defined in the Quality Management System, establish the foundation that ensures products developed and manufactured at Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies Incorporated (GLNT) will consistently be of high quality, reliability and safety.  GLNT is committed to customer satisfaction by identifying, communicating, promoting, and fulfilling the needs of our customers.  We will continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.