BioCapture Software

BioCapture software is used to configure the BioRadio, and collects, processes, and displays data acquired with the BioRadio.

Download BioCapture Software
[360-0036 Rev E, BioCapture Version 5.6.7803.20370, 30,692KB]

LabCourse Software

LabCourse software includes 25+ student lab lessons to complete with the BioRadio.  Teacher versions of labs are available, please contact Great Lakes Neurotechnologies for more information.

Download LabCourse Software
[LabCourse Version 7.0, 241,711KB]

BioRadio Software Development Kit (SDK)

Software Development Kit for Windows

The software development kit for Windows is intended for those familiar with programming in languages such as MATLAB and LabVIEW.  It allows users to stream real-time data from the BioRadio into custom developed software.  The SDK includes libraries and example code.

The Windows SDK was developed and tested using BioRadio firmware version 1.0.  Please verify that your device has this firmware version by connecting to it in BioCapture software.  Once connected to the BioRadio, the firmware version at the bottom of the BioCapture window.

The BioRadio requires that your host PC is using a Bluetooth adapter that is version 2.1 or greater.[Released: 1 June 2014 – 3,011 KB]

Download the BioRadio SDK Documentation for WindowsDownload the BioRadio SDK for Windows

The BioRadio is intended for use in education and research applications only. The BioRadio has not yet been reviewed, certified, or approved by the FDA or similar organization for use with patients or clinical purposes. In no case should the BioRadio be used for any diagnosis, treatment or other medical decision-making purposes. All use of the BioRadio must be in compliance with 45 CFR 46 and appropriate human subjects’ procedures as they exist within your institution.