Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies Awarded Two New Patents For Movement Disorders Therapy Adjustment

15 OCT 2018: Independence, OH – Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies (GLNT) announced today that it has been awarded two new U.S. Patents. The new patents include 10,085,689 (Device and method for monitoring and assessment of movement disorder symptoms) issued October 2 and 10,092,754 (Movement disorder therapy system and methods of tuning remotely, intelligently and/or automatically) issued October 9. These patents are part of a portfolio of 28 issued U.S. Patents and 34 pending U.S. and foreign patent applications covering GLNT’s proprietary technology.

GLNT commercialized Kinesia™ technology [ ] to provide wearable, objective and automated assessment of movement disorder symptoms. The Kinesia technology has been adopted as the gold-standard for objective sensor measurement for movement disorders by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The newly issued patents cover monitoring the efficacy and adjusting the treatments using pharmaceuticals and advanced therapies in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Patent 10,092,754 specifically covers the adjusting or “tuning” of deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy to provide at least 50% reduction in patient symptoms and side effects from the therapy or medication. Other conditions that can be monitored on a personalized basis using GLNT’s products and services include dystonia, essential tremor, Huntington’s disease, various ataxias, multiple sclerosis, and psychogenic tremor.

GLNT Chief Operating Officer, Dustin A. Heldman, Ph.D., stated, “GLNT is particularly pleased with the additional patent coverage for these new technologies which allow us to maintain our leadership in personalized medicine for movement disorders. We plan to continue working to implement these new technologies so patients suffering from these disease states can be more precisely treated with their therapy regimens.”

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Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies is committed to pioneering innovative biomed technologies to serve research, education, and medical communities, improving access to medical technology for diverse populations, and positively impacting quality of life for people around the world. Kinesia is a trademark of Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies Inc. of Independence, OH.

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