Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies Awarded Deep Brain Stimulation Programming Patent

11 JAN 2017: Valley View, OH – Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies (GLNT) has been awarded Patent 9,522,278 (Movement Disorder Therapy System and Methods of Tuning Remotely, Intelligently and/or Automatically) from the US Patent Office, the seventh patent awarded to the company in 2016, concluding an extremely successful year. The issued patent covers methods for using objective quantified symptom data and/or clinician ratings to create visualization maps to assist with adjusting deep brain stimulation (DBS) for movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease (PD). The visualization maps depict DBS amplitude and other stimulation parameters along with symptom severity scores to provide a straightforward method for a clinician determine optimal DBS settings.

GLNT commercialized Kinesia™ technology to provide wearable, objective and automated assessment of movement disorder symptoms. The objective Kinesia™ assessment and DBS visualization tools have been integrated in GLNT’s Kinesia™ ProView™ platform. “As more and more patients receive DBS therapy and DBS platforms permit increasingly complex stimulation options, objective tools to assist in the programming process are necessary,” says Dustin Heldman, PhD, Director of Biomedical Research. “The visualization maps will help clinicians more quickly and reliably identify an optimal set of programming parameters that minimize symptom severities, side-effects, and battery usage.”

GLNT has experienced substantial intellectual property growth in the past few years. “This particular patent covers GLNT’s mapping software for DBS therapy titration that significantly reduces the symptom severity of the Parkinson’s patient while increasing battery life of the stimulator,” says Brian Kolkowski, PhD, VP and General Counsel. “The mapping software uses either manual symptom measurement or GLNT’s ProView™ product line that includes quick, reproducible and highly accurate sensor based scoring. This, along with GLNT’s other recently issued patents, solidifies the company as the leader in the field of objective movement disorder assessment.”

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