KinesiaU FAQ

The user guide for the KinesiaU motor assessment system can be downloaded here. Below are answers to some common questions.


Have the symptom scoring algorithms been clinically validated?

Yes! Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies is proud that the technology used in KinesiaU has been validated with thousands of data points and in over eighty scientific publications and presentations. Kinesia technology has been shown to provide outcomes for Parkinson’s symptoms similar to expert clinician scores, and it has been successfully used by both patients and clinicians.

Device compatibility

What smartphones are compatible?

The KinesiaU smartphone app requires an iPhone 6s or higher and minimum iOS 13 or an Android tablet or smartphone running Android 7.1 or higher.

Which smartwatches are compatible?

The KinesiaU smartwatch app requires an Apple Watch 3 or newer and watchOS 8.4 or higher, or an Android smartwatch compatible with Wear OS 3.0 or higher.  While most Apple Watches and Android (Wear OS) watches are compatible with KinesiaU, please click here for a list of smartwatches that have been specifically validated.

Can KinesiaU be used with an iPhone or Apple watch?

Yes, KinesiaU is compatible with both Android and iOS (Apple iPhone) devices.


Why does the KinesiaU motor assessment require a prescription?

In the US, KinesiaU is an FDA-regulated medical device that currently is only available under the order of a physician.

How do I get a prescription?

Please talk to your doctor about the KinesiaU motor assessment system. Your doctor can write a prescription for KinesiaU just like they would for any other medical device. Just make sure the prescription includes your e-mail address so we can register you to use the app.

Is there anything special or different about the prescription?

A prescription for KinesiaU is like a prescription for any other medical device with two small exceptions. 1. We need the prescription to include your e-mail address so that we can register you to use the app. 2. The prescription must be sent directly to Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies to be filled (see below), as currently no other supplier can distribute KinesiaU.

How and where does the prescription get sent?

A prescription for KinesiaU must be sent directly to Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies to be filled, as currently no other supplier can distribute KinesiaU:
1. MAIL: The original prescription may be mailed to:
Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies Inc.
6100 Rockside Woods Blvd. N. Suite 415
Independence, OH 44131

2. FAX: The doctor’s office may fax the prescription to (216) 361-5420.


How much does it cost?

The KinesiaU app is free to download. After a two-week free trial, the app requires a $5.99 per month subscription and additionally your doctor may bill your insurance for reviewing your reports.

Free Demo

How can I try out the app?

The full version of the KinesiaU app requires a prescription, but anyone can download the KinesiaU app from the App Store and view a demo of the app functionality.


What functionality is provided in the demo app?

The demo version of KinesiaU demonstrates the usage of the app, provides simulated sample reports, and helps check compatibility with your smartphone and smartwatch.


What do I do if I can't log in?

When accessing your KinesiaU prescription application for the first time, you may get a message that there is no prescription on file. Please see our app FAQ for help.

What do I do if I am having issues with assessments?

Please see our app FAQ for help with assessment issues, including starting and stopping, and transferring data.

Can I hide KinesiaU from being on my watch’s face all the time?

On your iPhone, open the “Watch” app.
Go to the “General” section of your watch’s settings.
Scroll down until you see an option called “Return to Clock”. Select this option.
Scroll down in the following list of apps until you see “KinesiaU”. Tap on “KinesiaU”.
Turn OFF “Return to App” under the “When in Session” option.