Force Plate


Measures the forces developed during stepping, jumping, and other human-scale actions.

Required Add-On:
Sensor Pod (502-0262)

The Force Plate will measure compression and tension forces, normal to the flat top surface of the plate. The plate is designed to measure larger compression forces, rather than tension. The Force Plate does not measure any forces parallel to the surface.

The BioRadio is intended for use in education and research applications only. The BioRadio has not yet been reviewed, certified, or approved by the FDA or similar organization for use with patients or clinical purposes. In no case should the BioRadio be used for any diagnosis, treatment or other medical decision-making purposes. All use of the BioRadio must be in compliance with 45 CFR 46 and appropriate human subjects’ procedures as they exist within your institution.

These accessories are being sold exclusively for the intended use with the BioRadio.


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