Two Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies products recommended by NICE for remote monitoring of Parkinson’s disease

26 January 2023: Independence, OH – Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies (GLNT) is proud to announce that its KinesiaU™ and Kinesia 360™ motor assessment systems were recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) for remote monitoring of Parkinson’s disease (PD) in its evidence based recommendations for devices for remote monitoring of Parkinson’s disease [ ]. KinesiaU uses the sensors in commercial smartwatches to track PD symptoms in response to therapy during activities of daily living, while Kinesia 360 is primarily used in clinical trial trials where an additional leg sensor is needed for increased sensitivity. In both products, patients view their symptoms in user-friendly reports on their smartphones and clinicians access their patients’ data remotely in real-time through a web portal to help make better care decisions and identify therapies and activities to improve their patients’ symptoms.

“We are honored to be included the NICE recommendation and look forward to working with the NHS and healthcare providers in the UK to gather additional evidence demonstrating the utility and cost effectiveness of our systems in the care of people with Parkinson’s,” stated GLNT President and COO, Dustin Heldman, Ph.D. Heldman continued regarding the KinesiaU system, “Utilizing the sensors in consumer smartwatches such as the Apple Watch allows us to leverage devices many patients already own and offer remote patient monitoring every day of the year at a very low cost.”

According to the NICE committee, “Monitoring symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is important to help clinicians make decisions about a person’s care. But this can be difficult in current practice because symptoms can come and go and may be difficult to remember or describe. Review appointments may also be infrequent. Sometimes people with Parkinson’s disease may struggle to accurately assess their symptoms, and how sever they think they are may differ from the view of their carer (care partner). More objective monitoring of symptoms is therefore an unmet need. Using these devices could help clinicians to better determine when changes when changes to treatment are needed. This may help better manage symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and improve quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease and their carers.”

About Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies [ ] is committed to pioneering innovative biomedical technologies to serve research, education, and medical communities, improving access to medical technology for diverse populations, and positively impacting quality of life for people around the world.


About Kinesia™ Technology

GLNT commercialized Kinesia™ technology to provide wearable, objective, and automated assessment of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease (PD) and essential tremor (ET). The clinically validated technology has been adopted as the gold-standard for objective sensor measurement for movement disorders by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The Kinesia family of motor assessment systems are approved in many regions around the world, but due to individual country regulations, such as language translations, data restrictions, and other regulatory requirements, specific Kinesia products lines may not be approved or available and therefore should not be used in those locations. The Kinesia technology is patented in the US, India, and various countries in Europe including the UK (see


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