VivoSense is a single software solution designed to be compatible with nearly any sensor. Draw conclusions that will better answer your study questions, take a tour of the VivoSense software from Importing to Sharing.

Software Features


Regardless of your signal, you will be able to quickly drill down to the most salient derived measures and statistics.


VivoSense is a sensor agnostic platform with the ability to be endlessly customized. VivoSense is able to import and analyze data from multiple common Sensor ASCII file formats. Accepted file extensions include:

  • Microsoft Office Excel files (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Comma Separated Values (.csv)
  • EDF

New import capabilities are being added to VivoSense all the time. VivoSense will work with customers to support any required file format. The ambulatory sensor market is large and diverse. From Bluetooth sensors on the wrist to garments including various sensors. Most of this Sensor data can easily be exported as an ASCII file. In addition, a common standard for data is the EDF or European Data Format. The VivoSense software is able to import sensor data saved in this EDF file format as well as common ASCII formats such as CSV (Comma Separated Values), Microsoft Excel and TXT.

Generic Sensor Data may include evenly sampled time series data as well as time independent sensor data such as derived RR interval data.


Integration can be a tedious and time-consuming barrier to actually viewing one’s data. Our customers have told us again and again that one of the toughest tasks after data collection is the process of integrating and aligning files.

VivoSense Synchronization and Merge module solves the sensor integration problem by streamlining the process of integrating and aligning files from different sensors. VivoSense Synchronization and Merge module provides tools to visually align data from different recordings, and then synchronize them using either annotations, a simple point and click operation, or even automatically, by quickly and accurately analyzing the data content to find the best match.
Once data streams have been aligned, the VivoSense merge functionality can be used to incorporate only the important channels across multiple recordings, and then combine them into a single, time-synchronized file.

VivoSense Synchronization and Merge Brochure from VivoSense


Most events only become interesting when viewed alongside and in the context with other data. VivoSense makes data visualization as clear and easy as possible by emphasizing continuously derived metrics, displayed simultaneously, allowing for a complete and objective understanding. The central window of the VivoSense software is the heart of its visualization engine. Data streams from any sensor can be viewed alongside each other. VivoSense Synchronization and Merge module will quickly synchronize and merge these data streams into one seamless file. VivoSense is able to easily graph both high frequency data and associated long-term trends or event channels together in one unified view. Create a custom layout to your liking and instantly apply this layout to future data sets with a single click. VivoSense has the smarts for engineers and researchers, but never neglects the visuals.


VivoSense takes the discovery of your new data acquisition tool to the next level. VivoSense enables the sharing of new discoveries with colleagues or the entire industry.

VivoSense is designed to be a modular delivery platform for all data. When you have an idea for any kind of supplementary visualization or analysis module, we will work with you to include, implement, and distribute your findings. If your goal is simply to be able to share your data with colleagues using the same toolset Vivonoetics can create a custom import for your data set, along with a number of custom channels and layouts suited to your needs.
If you want to market your idea or technique to the world, VivoSense will enable you to reach your customers. Leverage our marketing team and user base to offer your custom VivoSense module to the world. We will assist you in designing and validating your module and helping you brand it.


VivoSense® Software is owned and controlled by VivoSense. Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies sells VivoSense Software as an accessory to the BioRadio and collaborates with VivoSense to fulfill our customer’s needs. The BioRadio and any accessory sold for use with the BioRadio is intended for use in education and research applications only. The BioRadio has not yet been reviewed, certified, or approved by the FDA or similar organization for use with patients or clinical purposes. In no case should the BioRadio be used for any diagnosis, treatment or other medical decision-making purposes. All use of the BioRadio must be in compliance with 45 CFR 46 and appropriate human subjects’ procedures as they exist within your institution.